Super cute! Dream Catcher's only pony. 

Ice Cream.




Horses Who Have Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

A miniature horse, short in height, tall in attitude, was a brood mare at a very well known miniature horse farm. She gives those who are afraid of the size of our horses, or those who simply cannot ride, a wonderful source of contact.


A miniature horse, Studly knows loads of tricks. He starred in the Bud Light commercial, “One Trick Pony.”


This Arabian gelding started his career competing in English and Western equitation and as a jumper. He transitioned to working as a therapy horse before coming to Dream Catcher in 2010.

An Argentinian Thoroughbred and former polo pony, Princessa joined the Dream Catcher stable in the fall of 2012. She is stunning in both look and attitude. Princessa and Lady are best of friends, working on the same polo team, retiring together and joining DCLA's team together. Princessa has adapted well to the life of a therapy horse, staying calm in any situation thrown at her and supporting her riders in their journey. 

An Argentinian Thoroughbred and former polo pony, Lady has adapted beautifully to life of a therapy horse and made a great addition to our program. She is Dream Catcher's " Alpha Mare."


A rare breed called a Norweigian Fjord, Josie is a sweet friendly horse, but she sure can throw her weight around!


This Halflinger/Swedish Warmblood mix was originally destined to be a buggy horse, however, this mare had other plans. She came Dream Catcher in 2010. She takes advantage of being a blonde! Gracie knows her job and loves it! She's always willing to work and to take on even the most challenging of riders. She also loves to play polo with Lady and Princessa.

"Gracie" (Lady Grace)

Cute and friendly, this gelding is learning the ways of being a therapy horse.


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A registered Thoroughbred, Tristan’s official name is “Tap Til Dawn.” His career started on the racetrack and continued for more than a decade in the show ring in jumping and dressage contests. He found his true called as a therapy horse after he was donated to Dream Catcher in 2009. Born in 1991, his sensitivity, intelligence and stability make him one of the most sought-after and versatile horses at Dream Catcher. 


         Meet our fabulous horses who work tirelessly to change lives