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ABC7 Salutes Horses for Forces   January 26, 2018

Long Beach TV,  November 23, 2015

CIP at Queen Mary, November 19, 2015

KTLA Sports News, March 2011

Wooden Horse Blog, June 27, 2017 Dream Catcher's "Woody"

Hotbike, November 14, 2016  2nd Annual Horses For Forces Charity Ride

​Gazettes, September 23, 2015, "Therapy by Horse Catches Dreams in North Long Beach."

​​The Jockey Club, September 18, 2015, "The Jockey Club’s T.I.P. Program Announces Non-Competition Award Winners"  ("Tap Til Dawn," aka "Tristan," Named 2015 Thoroughbred of the Year).


La Opinion, March 12, 2015, "Terapia a loma del caballo,"  (Read it in English)

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