Wooden Horse Blog, June 27, 2017 Dream Catcher's "Woody"

Hotbike, November 14, 2016  2nd Annual Horses For Forces Charity Ride

​Gazettes, September 23, 2015, "Therapy by Horse Catches Dreams in North Long Beach."

​​The Jockey Club, September 18, 2015, "The Jockey Club’s T.I.P. Program Announces Non-Competition Award Winners"  ("Tap Til Dawn," aka "Tristan," Named 2015 Thoroughbred of the Year).


La Opinion, March 12, 2015, "Terapia a loma del caballo,"  (Read it in English)

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Long Beach TV,  November 23, 2015

CIP at Queen Mary, November 19, 2015

KTLA Sports News, March 2011