Donate a Horse

Thank you so much for your interest in placing your horse at Dream Catcher of L.A.  It is through your generosity that we can help our riders achieve remarkable accomplishments and experience the thrill of riding a horse.
​The following are some considerations to keep in mind regarding Dream Catcher's requirements for donated horses:
•    Horses must have full and complete vision.
•    Horses must be sound in all four limbs.  Soundness is important in order to have a rhythmic, cadenced, free-moving stride at the walk, trot and canter.  Horses that can only walk with limited trotting are of minimal use to our riders.  A horse with an unbalanced stride could cause negative responses in our riders.
•    Horses should be between nine and sixteen years of age.  Due to the amount of training we invest in our horses, we hope they will stay with us for many years.  However, there are always exceptions.
•    Any additional information you have, such as copies of registration papers, health records, photos, awards, etc. would be helpful.
•    It is important that your horse feels comfortable around a variety of people.  Many people handle our horses over the course of each day.  Several volunteers will groom and tack the horse and, in addition to the rider, a horse may have a leader and up to two side walkers.

NOTE: All of our horses must have a calm demeanor with a sound mind. This is important as we use several teaching methods that include encouraging the rider to use motor skills. Also we like to play catch.

​If we think your horse may be suitable we ask for a 30 day trial period at Dream Catcher with a possible 30 day extension.  
We appreciate you thinking of Dream Catcher as a placement for your horse.

If you are interested in donating a horse please call Joan Blank 310-350-1311  Email: